Database Administrator

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The Database Administrator is responsible for the health of the database service and ensure the organization can rely on the data, independent if the data is on-premise or off-premise. Together with the IT team, the Database Administrator put the database together.

The Database Administrator manages and participates in projects that have an impact on the operational environment and manages the technical part of the SQL / BI infrastructure. 


Take ownership and ultimate responsibility for the ICT server and Data storage environment. 

  • Responsible for migration, maintain and update of the database 
  • Responsible for the right processing of the infrastructure and protect the internal guidelines  
  • Advising on the latest update and what impact this has on the organization 
  • Solve performance issues 
  • Be able to create and read queries independently
  • Responsible for back-ups and restores 

Stakeholder Management 

  • Advise the internal customer / stakeholders 
  • Make database available / user-friendly  
  • Support business process by supporting the internal customer to use the database 

SQL & BI management 
Take technical ownership of the SQL / BI Infrastructure. 

  • Install and maintain the SQL Server environment running a wide variety of Windows SQL server versions. 
  • Support, advice the reporting / BI team on SQL database environment and reporting systems. 
  • Pro-actively maintain all hosted databases and ensure a seamless performance. 
  • Responsible for the correct use of, among other things, GDPR, compliancy. 
  • Managing databases (Performance tuning, life cycle management (version update) and archiving). 
  • Maintain database authorizations. 
  • Pro-actively monitor grow and initiate data consolidation in time to ensure performance of the databases. 
  • Troubleshooting and solving issues. 


  • 3-5 years' experience 
  • Fluent spoken and written English. Dutch is a plus but not required.  
  • Excellent knowledge of SQL Server environment (Business Intelligence). 
  • Great scripting and PowerShell skills (Required and provable). 
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with Azure and cloud techniques. 
  • Knowledge of monitoring and system management tools. 


  • Analysis & problem solving
    • Actively seeking information from diverse sources, analyzing it in a way that central and side issues are unraveled and achieving pragmatic solutions to problems. 
  • Communication skills
    • Communicating written and/or verbally in a clear, fluent, concise manner understood by others.  
  • Cross functional awareness 
    • Having insight into the various departments and processes and the relationships between them and taking this into account for changes. 
  • Initiative 
    • Seizing opportunities and acting upon them in a proactive and self-starting way. 


  • Persuasiveness
    • Influencing attitudes and opinions of others and gaining agreement to proposals, plans and ideas.
  • Drive & execution
    • Being enthusiastic and committed in getting a result, ensuring that important goals are achieved.