Innovation Project Manager

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The Innovation Project Manager will be responsible for designing and managing internal projects, improving employee experience, developing new concepts, identifying and resolving issues, as well as adhering to specifications. You should be able to juggle different tasks and liaise with various team members, clients and stakeholders.

Outstanding Innovation project managers have an excellent technical background, as well as strong interpersonal and communication skills.



Definition of Projects
On request, analyze current operational processes and procedures in order to advise management on feasible improvements and/or gains and to transform these into deliverables of a project.



Analyze and monitor current operational processes and procedures.
Check feasibility of possible improvements and/or gains.
Define project goal and deliverables.

Feasibility check of new business requirements
Advise on feasibility of new business requirements in relation to the running operation. Cooperate in this respect with the new business manager to deliver input for the creation of proposals.



  • Investigate and advise feasibility of new business requirements in relation to the running operation.
  • Keep up to date with developments in call center and loyalty business outside Cygnific.
  • Advise alternative solutions if original new business requirements cannot be met.
  • Deliver input to the new business manager for the creation of proposals.

Project management

Manage projects in such a way that the results contribute in the most effective and efficient way to the organizational needs in relation to all the new software developments.


  • Translate client requirements into an estimation of project effort through the creation of a statement of work, which is cost effective and integrates into the Cygnific environment.
  • Ensure all elements to the software development life cycle are fully adhered to and also the processes & procedures reflect this structured way of working.
  • Establish project goals through the assessment of client requirements.
    Regularly align project goals with the ever-changing business environment, identifying issues and risks.
  • Establish project timelines and request resources accordingly.
  • Manage the project team.
  • Communicate on status and on (escalate) all issues / risks and achieved milestones to the stakeholders in a timely manner.
  • Define and negotiate acceptance criteria with clients.
  • Test project deliverables and have them accepted by stakeholder (e.g. ICT operations and requestor).
  • Implement project deliverables and embed them into the business processes and infrastructure, including the handover of documentation and the provision of necessary training.
  • Ensure that all solutions are up to date and future proof.
  • Hand over relevant documentation and provides necessary training.
  • Evaluate the project and ensure that lessons learnt from one project are used in all subsequent projects.

Continuous improvement
Signal and act upon malfunctions in processes and procedures and propose improvements.  



  • Analyze the malfunction in process or procedure and determine the cause.
  • Propose improvements in processes and procedures for efficiency. 
  • Make sure changes and improvements are communicated to all parties involved.
  • Safeguard changes and improvements are embedded in business as usual. 
  • Follow developments in own area of expertise and look for ways how to implement in own processes, procedures and/or policies. 
  • Participate in a constructive manner in improvement sessions/activities/projects.


  • Higher vocational/University think and work level
  • Experience working within Innovation & Technology
  • Qualified Scrummaster & experience working in Agile
  • 2-3 years of practical experience with Project Management Software
  • Deep Microsoft365 experience is a plus.
  • Excellent management, interpersonal and teambuilding skills
  • Ability to identify risks and problems