Support Officer

  • Amsterdam
  • 40
  • 2822 - 4032

The support officer is part of the ICT support team. The ICT Support team is responsible for the continuity of the IT and telecom services. The support officer is giving first line ICT support by troubleshooting incidents on the IT and telecom services (both hardware and software). Also, the ICT support officer participates in ICT projects.


1. Operations

Ensure continuity and integrity of ICT operations, according to set service level agreements (‘SLAs’), and keep documentation up to date.


  • First-line support via Phone,  Email and desk.
  • Troubleshoot incidents and resolve if possible.
  • Perform standard changes.
  • Ensure that all requests are completed on time if possible.
  • Ensures that the end user is notified as soon as the request is fulfilled.
  • Responsible for the continuity of 1700 workplaces worldwide.
  • Responsible for registration of calls and maintaining the documentation in ticket system.

2. Incident handling

Deliver effective and efficient support to end users and ensure continuity of call management and follow through to resolution.


  • Taking incidents reported by the end user by telephone.
  • Analysing incoming incidents and registering the incidents in KACE.
  • Make sure that the incident has been properly resolved by being tested prior to feedback to the end-user.
  • As a single point of contact, you keep the user informed of the status of the incident.
  • Once incident has been dealt with, process it in registration system.

 3. Projects

Participate in projects by being a pro-active team member of the project.


  • Participate in projects by completing project tasks on time and in line with the critical path of the milestones within the project.
  • Ensure that all documentation and escalations are in place to facilitate effective ongoing supports.
  • Provide support for the Go Live phase.
  • Responsible for the aftercare for the end user after delivery of the project.


  • Polytechnic think and work level (MBO/HBO)
  • At least 1.5 years of experience in working as first line ICT specialist
  • Understanding of working on an ICT department in a commercial and service-oriented environment
  • Good social, communication, planning and administrative skills
  • Good knowledge of English and Dutch (written and spoken)

    Sound knowledge of and experience working with the techniques below:
  •  Azure
  • Office365 / Microsoft 365
  • Windows 10 Pro / Windows 10 Enterprise


  • Teamwork
    Cooperating and working well with others in the pursuit of goals.
  • Adaptability
    Easily adapting to new and changing demands and circumstances and ways of working. Being open to change and willing to align.
  • Analysis & problem solving
    Actively seeking information from diverse sources, analysing it in a way that central and side issues are unraveled and achieving pragmatic solutions to problems.
  • Communication skills
    Communicating written and/or verbally in a clear, fluent, concise manner understood by others.
  • Building and maintaining relationships
    Establishing and maintaining relationships with people at all levels
  • Cross functional awareness
    Having insight into the various departments and processes and the relationship between them and taking this into account for changes.
  • Customer service orientation
    Providing a prompt, efficient and engaged service to the best possible result.
  • Drive & execution
    Being enthusiastic