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As part of one of our Support Departments, you fulfil an essential role in supporting our operations, enabling them to shine every day. Think of challenging positions such as HR professional, Recruiter, ICT specialist, Finance employee, Trainer or WFM specialist.

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Business Support

Our Support Departments

Business Analysis & Workforce Management

They are the engine of our operations. They track all volumes, create rosters, make sure the right call ends up with the right colleague and much more.

Business Development

They lift our organization to the next level by executing projects and implementing improvements with precision.


They are responsible for all corporate communication. They make sure you are informed of all the ins and outs of the company!

Finance, Control and Reporting

They are the experts when it comes to numbers. They pay the bills and ensure thorough reporting.

General Affairs

Everything that relates to our offices is in the hands of General Affairs. They also play a vital role in creating team spirit by organising small and large events throughout the year.

Human Resources & Recruitment

They are responsible for managing the full employee life cycle: recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, and ending contracts. They also oversee all our great benefits such as hotel discounts and insurance deals.


What don’t they do? They make sure that all Cygnificans are able to do their job by providing good equipment, secure connections and much more.


From designing AI colleagues to implementing apps that make our daily work easier, Innovation’s got you covered!

Learning and Development

They facilitate all of our training programmes, allowing us to retain knowledge and constantly renew.

Together we build an organisation for and by its employees, every day. But how do we do that? By investing in our colleagues because our open, warm, diverse and vibrant culture is one of our greatest strengths!

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