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What is the Refer A Friend programme?

The Refer A Friend program allows you, as an employee, to nominate a ‘Friend’ for a possible job opening at Cygnific. You will be rewarded for suggesting a friend.

Why does Cygnific have an Refer A Friend programme?

The Refer A Friend programme is an important tool to attract new employees to Cygnific. As a colleague at Cygnific you know exactly which colleagues we are looking for and why you love your job!

How does it work?

The Refer A Friend program consists of a number of steps:

  1. The match – The hidden power of your network
    Did you know that your network is worth its weight in gold? Family members, friends, acquaintances or former colleagues, who become (re)curious about Cygnific because of your extra attention and enthusiasm. You see them as a new colleague.
  2. Action – What do you have to do?
    You make first contact! Ask in an email, a phone call or whatsapp if one of the Cygnific Recruitment colleagues can contact them. Tell about our culture and how you experience it.Is there actual interest? Super, go to the Refer A Friend form on this page and fill in the details!
  3. Do you want to check if your potential candidate is a possible match, before you warm him or her up to Cygnific? Mail, app or call one of the recruiters!
  4. Catch & Cash – The moment of truth…. Your recruitment colleagues got the info of your ‘Friend’. As they evaluate you’ll receive a small gift!
    Are we welcoming your contact as a new colleague you’ll receive the € 1.000,- (gross) recruitment bonus after they sucessfully concluded their probation period (and we’ve been able to process the payment). 

Are all employees of Cygnific allowed to participate?

Yes, all employees of Cygnific can participate as long as they are under contract of Cygnific (employees contracted via a temp agency are excluded). 

Do I need to link my ‘Friend’ to a department or expertise?

That’s not necessary, all you have to do is make the initial contact and provide us with the name and address details. Then again, if you already know what the best fit for your connection would be, then let us know.

What requirements does the ‘Friend’ I am recommending need to meet?

We believe you are the best judge of whether your connection is a good fit for Cygnific’s culture. Before you introduce your contact, it is necessary that he or she is aware (and agrees) that you will send Cygnific their personal data, to make sure we are in line with the privacy legislation. 

How can I suggest a ‘Friend’?

To suggest a candidate, go to the Refer A Friend page and fill in the form.

Do I get feedback on my submitted ‘Friend’?

Why yes, you take the effort of helping us find new Cygnificans, and your recruitment colleagues keep you informed.

Who decides if a referral is suitable or not?

Recruitment and the vacancy holder.

How often can you participate?

You can participate as often as you like.

When will I receive the € 1.000- (gross amount)? 

As soon as we welcome your candidate as a new colleague, but not before they successfully finish their probation period. Oh, and please allow us some time to process the payment and handle administration. 

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