Friends stories

Jan-Willem and Jesse

Jan-Willem and I met as true Millennials, through Tinder! Although he tried to convince his parents for a while that we met at a bar, there is no need to feel ashamed for swiping the right way.

After a couple of years together, he was looking for a new job, what better place to suggest than Cygnific ! We could even make some money in the process, via the referral bonus. And that’s how it all started in December of 2018. When he started with his training for B2T, five more classes started at the same time. During that time, I was scheduled as a Trainer for a new Flying Blue group and as a funny coincidence the introduction of all new groups was together. It was strange, but also quite fun to get to know Cygnific all over again through his experience.

While we were a bit hesitant at first, it was wonderful to work together. You get the opportunity to meet so much more fantastic colleagues together and I still miss carpooling with him in the morning. Eventually Jan-Willem moved on to KLM, but that year working together was better than I could have ever imagined!

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