Rules and conditions ask a friend referral

Some rules and conditions apply, check them out below.

The Refer A Friend programme will run until December 31, 2024.

Anyone can participate in the Refer a Friend pogram as long as you are employed (and under contract) by Cygnific.

People who are already in procedure at Cygnific cannot be proposed again through the Refer A Friend programme.

If the same ‘Friends’ are nominated by multiple colleagues, only the colleague who nominated first will receive a reward.

Right to candidacy of a ‘Friend’ expires after nine months.

The hiring manager and Recruimtent will determine if a candidate is suitable for Cygnific.

Cygnific has the right at any time to determine who gets the reward of a ‘Friend’.

You nominate a ‘Friend’ by leaving details in the Refer A Friend form.

You can participate as many times as you like.

You may submit the information of a specific ‘Friend’ only once. This means that you may not submit the same person more than once.

If you have any further questions or comments, please see the frequently asked questions or send an e-mail to

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