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As a proud subsidiary of KLM, we are recruiting customer service agents on an ongoing basis. Whether you want to interact directly with customers over the phone, venture into the world of social media, or are looking for a leadership role as a Team Lead – we offer something for everyone!

When you start at Cygnific as a KLM Customer Service Agent you choose from one of the various directions (listed below) – this will be your area of expertise! To ensure that you can assist passengers in the best possible way, your Cygnific career starts with extensive training. How long this training takes varies by product, but in general you can expect a maximum of eight weeks. Once you are confident in your abilities, we think it’s important that you keep developing. We do so by cross-training you over time to other products so you can continue to expand your knowledge.

Are you ready to work on cloud nine? Check out our list of KLM products below:

Our Products

Sales & Services (S&S)

As a KLM Sales & Service (S&S) Agent, you are the passengers’ trusted guide and source of information. Whether it’s about the weight of an overnight bag, a seat change, or putting together a dream trip, you are ready to assist. Your expertise and friendly service light up the conversation.

Social Media (SCM)

As a KLM Social Media (SCM) Agent, your job revolves around the core of #daretoask. Through WhatsApp, Facebook, X (Twitter) and Instagram, you are the prompt and personal assistant passengers need. Your goal? Not only providing answers, but also delivering big smiles.

Flying Blue (FB)

As a Flying Blue (FB) Agent, you give members of KLM and Air France’s loyalty programme the extra attention they need. Whether it’s via phone or email, you are always there to help.

Platinum Service Line (PSL)

As a KLM Platinum Service Line (PSL) Agent you are the first point of contact for our valued Platinum Members. Not only will you provide service, but you will also create a premium experience. From reservations to special requests, you are always ready to provide exceptional service to our most valued passengers.

Customer Care (CC)

As a KLM Customer Care (CC) Agent, you lend a listening ear to help every passenger out of a jam. With care and dedication you handle complaints and inconveniences, ensuring not only the correct handling of claims, but also personal gestures. You add a touch of care to every trip.

Business to Trade (B2T)

As a KLM Business to Trade (B2T) Agent, you help Travel Agents on their way. By phone, email and live chat, you are ready to answer all kinds of questions, from easy to complex ones. Whether it concerns making reservations, rebooking flights or arranging crucial transfers, you are the reliable support for these travel experts.

Business to Groups (B2G)

As a KLM Business to Groups (B2G) Agent you specialise in handling questions and requests from groups of at least 10 travellers. Whether it’s obtaining a group discount for a friends’ trip, coordinating 1,500 tickets for an international conference, or organising the journey of thousands of football supporters, you have mastered the art of professional group management.

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